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  • It's your song, hear it like you remember it!

    Posted on 2013-09-15

    A good number of people are aware their hearing has deteriorated over the years but are hesitant to seek help. Maybe they're somewhat in denial over their hearing loss, maybe they're a little embarrassed over acknowledging a shortcoming or weakness, or maybe they believe they can "get by" without the assistance of a hearing aid. And, unfortunately, too many people wait too many years before getting treatment.

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  • Don’t Fall For it!!!

    Posted on 2013-09-01

    According to a recent wellness report published in the Wall Street Journal, adults with mild hearing loss have a much greater risk of falling as compared to those with normal hearing. The recent discovery of hearing loss as a pathway to falling is intriguing because hearing loss is highly prevalent across the country yet remains vastly undertreated among our aging population.

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  • The Pollen is Calling!!!

    Posted on 2013-08-15

    Spring allergy season is upon us in a big way. In the Southeast, the daily pollen counts (trees are blooming now) have been in the High to Moderately High ranges for several weeks now. Soon everyone’s car and patio furniture will be yellow!

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  • The Audiogram: A Guide to Your Hearing

    Posted on 2013-08-15

    When we test your hearing at Shea Ear Clinic or Shea Hearing Aid Center, the first part of the examination is usually a test of your hearing sensitivity. Our licensed professionals use different tones, from low-pitched to high-pitched, to determine the softest level at which our patients hear various sounds.

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  • Positional Vertigo

    Positional Vertigo
    Posted on 2013-08-01

    Positional Vertigo, also known as "Benign Positional Vertigo", "Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo" or "BPPV", is caused by tiny calcium particles that have broken free from the balance detectors in the inner ear and are floating in the inner ear fluid.

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  • Causes of Hearing Loss

    Posted on 2013-07-15

    During normal hearing, sound waves travel through the ear canal and strike the eardrum causing it to vibrate. The eardrum is attached to three tiny bones in the middle ear.

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  • Our Hearing System

    Posted on 2013-07-01

    The anatomy of our hearing system can be divided into four components for our convenience in remembering the parts and associating these parts with their function. These divisions are the:

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  • Summer Travel Tips

    Posted on 2013-06-15

    Are you traveling this summer? Making reservations, understanding public announcements and using the telephone can be difficult. These suggestions should make your travels easier and more enjoyable:

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  • Allergy Allert: Grab A Tissue

    Posted on 2013-06-01

    Tens of thousands of Memphians are among the estimated 40 million Americans suffering from allergies this spring in what many experts are calling “the worst season ever” for intense nose tickles and burning throats. Even worse, Knoxville to our east, Louisville to the north and Jackson, MS to the south all rank in the Top 5 of the Top 100 worst cities in the nation for allergies as ranked by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

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  • HEARING LOSS: The Hidden Danger When the Brain Can’t Hear

    Posted on 2013-05-15

    The consequences of an untreated hearing loss are real. Since we collect sound with our ears and process the sound in our brain, over time and without hearing assistance, we can lose the ability to understand the spoken word. This documented process is called “auditory deprivation.

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Latest News
  • Shea Ear Clinic Physicians Present Research Development
    Shea Ear Clinic Physicians Present Research Development
    Posted on May 01, 2013

    At the American Neurotology Society Spring Meeting, Dr. Brian J. McKinnon’s team presented their latest ongoing research on the development of a novel cochlear implant thin film array electrode.

  • Dr. John Shea Donates Professional Papers to Memphis Library
    Dr. John Shea Donates Professional Papers to Memphis Library
    Posted on April 15, 2013

    Throughout the course of his life, Dr. John Shea Jr. has made major historical breakthroughs and advancements in medicine. Recently, Shea donated 406 papers, including more than 300 published articles, to the Memphis Public Library’s Memphis Room..

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