Positional Vertigo

Positional vertigo is the most common inner ear cause of vertigo.  Typically, it is a feeling of dizziness that is associated with movement or change in position.  The spells are usually brief, lasting less than a minute, but may be intense.  Afterward, the person may be off-balance for some time.  Common movements that may bring it on are rolling over in bed, looking up, or bending over.  The problem is thought to be caused by tiny calcium particles floating freely in the fluid of the inner ear.  These particles become trapped in one of the balance organs and cause them to send abnormally strong or disordered messages to the brain, resulting in a feeling of movement when the person is not moving.  Treatment of positional vertigo may include repositioning maneuvers, physical therapy, or other procedures, depending on the severity, and the disorder is often curable.

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    Shea Ear Clinic Physicians Present Research Development
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